• AI and analog power analysis


How it Works

Power Fingerprinting (PFP) is a unique approach to cybersecurity which utilizes analog signals (AC, DC, EMI) to assess the integrity of an electronic device. Power consumption and electromagnetic emissions uniquely identify any given hardware/firmware combination. By learning these power fingerprints, PFP detects whenever unauthorized modifications have compromised the integrity of an electronic system.

How PFP Works

How PFP Works

PFP's AI platform continually monitors the target system and remediates by restoring a known state before damage occurs.

PFP & PowerIQ

PFP & PowerIQ

PFP technology can be retrofit to existing systems or embedded in to devices at the point of manufacture.
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P2Scan: Power Analytics


P2Scan software containins PFP's patented PowerIQ analytics algorithms, which provide a complete identification and analysis solution. More information...

pMon 751: IoT Monitor


pMon monitors power or EMI signals from devices and systems. pMon is network connected and reports results to P3Scan or your SOC. More information...

eMon: Embedded SDK


PowerIQ Analytics can be embedded into ARM-based devices and FPGAs. Contact us to learn more.

ICS and IoT Solutions

Tamper Detection


PFP provides dynamic verification of hardware systems in a non-destructive process for tamper and intrusion detection.
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Counterfeit Avoidance


PFP provides non-intrusive solutions for verifying supply chain integrity. Our technology is easily integrated and can identify counterfeit and compromised hardware with ease.
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