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PFP Cybersecurity has solutions for Supply Chain, Industrial Control System protection, Mobile device security, Network Router defense, and safeguarding virtually any device. Click on the pictures below for a demonstration of our technology.

  • Supply Chain
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    One of the most important aspects in managing risks in the cyber supply chain is being able to verify the integrity of the different hardware and software modules, as they are vulnerable to cyber attacks at all level of the execution stack and throughout their life cycle.

    PFP gives procurement managers the capability of detecting unauthorized tampering and other malicious intrusions in critical systems with a high degree of confidence and accuracy, at all levels of the execution stack, including hardware, throughout the systems life cycle.

    PFP is not destructive, which allows the integrity validation of complete shipments.

  • Industrial Control Systems
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    The range and scope of cyber attacks is expected to increase targeting government agencies, financial institutions, military commands, and industrial controls.

    PFP is capable of detecting even the most elusive attacks without being restricted to a specific platform or operating system, while imposing minimal overhead on the target processor.

    Stuxnet went undetected for several months. Over a year after its discovery, there is little to no available solution to effectively detect attack to SCADA systems. PFP is filling this void.

  • Mobile devices
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    As mobile devices and applications grow in popularity, the challenge to protect these always-connected devices is huge.

    Powerful and covert attacks on mobile devices grant root access, giving the attacker control that even the system administrator cannot see or override.

    PFP is proven to detect these privilege-escalation attacks, in some cases raising an alert before the attacker even knows that his or her attempt was successful.

  • Network Equipment

    In today’s world of everything-connected-to-everything, increasingly networked, complex systems present a unique security challenge.

    Modern routers are essentially mini-computers, giving an attacker the power to craft sophisticated attacks. Key network devices such as Wi-Fi routers provide great convenience but are a ripe target for attack.

    PFP verifies the integrity of these crucial hubs of network traffic. OS-level backdoor-access type attacks, etc. are detected in real time.