PFP Technology

Our patent pending PFP technology is based on taking fine-grained measurement of a processor’s power consumption and performing anomaly detection using base references from trusted software. PFP allows an external device to monitor the internal execution status of a processor and identify any deviations from the authorized execution.


  • Extremely difficult to evade

  • Negligible performance impact

  • Stealth operation

  • Works on embedded and legacy platforms

  • Effective against zero-day attacks

  • Physical separation protects the monitor against attacks to itself

What does PFP Do For You?

PFP Technology performs anomaly detection from a trusted baseline. But how do we do that? PFP offers simple,user friendly products that make cyber protection easy ...

P2Scan is a complete identification and analysis kit that allows the user to determine where to place the probe, develop baselines for use across similar devices, and assess device corruption. P2Scan includes all of the necessary probes, amplifiers, and analysis software to immediately begin using PFP capability.


eMonitor is a standalone embedded monitoring unit with a probe. eMonitor comes in convenient form-factors that are DIN-rail mountable for easy installation next to the unit being protected. After the sensor has captured the traces, the data can be processed locally or remotely over a network.

CoreCloud provides cloud-based analytics that allow the user to leverage significant computing power on demand. This software as a service (SaaS) solution ensures scalability, reliability, and low cost.

SIEM API (Security Information and Event Management) is a software product API that allows the user to integrate PFP alerts and PFP information into their existing network command and control software.