Small businesses have higher cyber risks as they can be hacked easily. It has been found that almost 87% of small businesses are not aware of the same, but it is an actual fact. Hackers prefer to hack small businesses because they can extract a moderate amount of data and only fewer security protocols are implemented. Moreover, businesses are at higher risk if they do not have any idea about cyber security threats and if they are heavily unprepared for such an attack. The hackers can take away money and sensitive information or can manipulate the information of the companies for their personal gains.

Moreover, hackers can sell the information of the companies or the information about the customers to other companies. This can cause huge financial losses to the companies. However, there are a few ways in which you can improve the cyber security of your small businesses. Some of the ways are: 

Providing training to employees 

It is very essential for small businesses to create cybersecurity policies for their business. This will include all the cybersecurity strategies that have to be followed by the employees of the company. The company should train employees to create strong passwords, to store data in a cloud platform and the protocols that they should follow if any cybersecurity threats arise. Moreover, the company should tell all the employees to set two-factor authentication which is nothing but a two-step sign-in process to provide better protection for their data. 

Updating computers 

Small businesses should regularly update their computers including laptops, mobile devices, and desktops. Moreover, the companies should also ensure that their operating systems and web browsers are also up-to-date. Regular software upgradation including security software is also needed to secure the data of your small businesses.  

Creating proper backups 

Businesses also need to keep proper backups on computers. In case the information in one place gets stolen then there will be backups in other places. Small businesses should keep information stored in cloud software with proper encryption and passwords. Cloud software is easy to install and it can protect the information in a better manner. This will safeguard the information of the company.  

Limit access 

It is very necessary for companies to determine who will get access to what. Every employee should not get equal access to all the company information. There should be certain information that can only be accessed by the top management and that too with proper authorization. Employees should have proper knowledge about the different information that they have access to and other information to which they can only get access after taking prior approval. It will reduce the risk of cyber hacking to a large extent.  

Having a secured Wi-Fi  

Wi-Fi can be an easy way through which hackers can access the data of your company. Thus, it is very important for small businesses to protect their Wi-Fi. If you want to give access of Wi-Fi to your customers then make sure to create a separate Wi-Fi network so that unwanted people cannot get access to the company information.